Shani was relaxing with her father in the living room of their home, when she suddenly watched him slump over on the couch, right before her eyes. Hearing her daughter’s panicked shrieks, Mrs. Annette Klein quickly came over from the kitchen. “I took one look at my husband’s face. When I saw his eyes roll back, I felt a sinking feeling in my stomach. I knew this was serious. Every second could literally spell the difference between life and death.”

While Mrs. Klein tended to her husband, Shani called Hatzalah.

As a second-generation Far Rockaway Hatzalah member, Rabbi Boruch Bender is not new to the concept of having someone’s life put in his hands. “But, when that life is the life of your own child, sitting on your lap in your own home, it’s an entirely different experience” says Boruch.” It was Friday afternoon and 4-year old Menachem Bender was enjoying some Pre-Shabbos potato kugel and turkey, when suddenly his face began to turn colors. Little Menachem was gasping for air. He was choking, but fortunately for him, he could not have been in better hands.

Hatzalah Rescue Story